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Establish Your Brand & Generate Buzz

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important search ranking signals effecting rankings today.

With the new addition of Google Plus and Facebook’s rapidly evolving platform influencing the way we interact and share information, it is logical to believe that search engines will factor the data produced by these social media platforms into their search algorithms. In fact, it’s already started with “Likes” and “+1” on Facebook and Google Plus.

At Root SEO, our team is ready to enhance your SEO campaign using new social media signals. Our soft and natural approach to promoting content via social media amplifies the effort we put into content development and ultimately helps to achieve better search rankings.

Generating buzz and conversation around your brand in a natural way can also be very important as “brand mentions” become a more important search ranking factor. Social media platforms have become essential tools in just about every SEO campaign. Tracking and measuring the buzz generated by our campaigns for your brand make social media a cost effective tool in the SEO arsenal.

If you want to learn more about how to leverage social media to generate buzz and establish your brand, get in touch with Root SEO today.