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Better Brands Deserve Better Rankings

Millions of consumers use search engines to find products and services every day. Over 90% of those search users will click the top few results on the first page.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of several combined strategies working together to enhance the attractiveness of your website to search algorithms, resulting in more favorable search result placement.

How Does SEO Benefit Your Brand or Company?

With such a large percentage of search engine users clicking the first few results, a top ranking for your keywords and phrases can mean significant revenue or leads that are otherwise tough to come-by.

SEO vs. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Search engine optimization has a much higher return on investment in almost every scenario. The long-lasting results paired with quality of traffic typically eclipse that of PPC traffic. Pairing the two strategies together is recommended as well.

Ranking Signals & Metrics

Over time, SEOs have developed a keen sense for what search engines, like Google, look for when ranking a website or web page. While there are literally hundreds of factors affecting search rankings, some of the most important signals are:

Value of Content
Social Media
Analytical Data
Content Quality
Link Structure
Site Optimization

Why You Should Hire a SEO Firm

Our team devotes a percentage of time strictly to research and understand changes in search algorithms. Combined with our experience, endless pursuit of new data, and technical expertise for site optimization – you won’t find another SEO company more qualified to handle your campaign.

At Root SEO, we take a methodical approach to determining what your website needs to begin ranking higher. Our process includes research, content development, link building, on page website optimization, social media, and campaign maintenance.

If you are ready to get started or learn more about SEO for your website, click here to get in touch.