New Look & New Office

September 27th, 2011 by Dan Root · 0 Comments

Since early 2007, Root SEO has quietly grown at a manageable steady pace in the North suburbs of Indianapolis.

Revenue from internal projects and handling outsourced work for our competition was enough to satisfy us while we debated which direction to take the business.

In 2010, I realized it was time to come out from the shadows and begin working directly with clients again rather than through agencies or competing firms. Since then, we established an office in Indianapolis and made heavy investments in equipment and infrastructure – all of which will assist through this growth stage.

As a result, we refreshed our branding to reflect the simple yet streamlined process we use and emphasized our simple approach to complex projects with the new website look and feel.

Our new office is located in Keystone at The Crossing on the North side of Indy. We chose the location for various reasons but mainly due to the availability of space for expansion. Be sure to come by and say hello some time.

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