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From Domain Names to Search Rankings

Root SEO was founded by Dan Root in 2007 after serving as Search Marketing Manager for an Indianapolis based intellectual property licensing firm.

Our young and extremely motivated approach to search engine optimization began with a massive domain name portfolio. In an effort to develop domains into revenue generating micro-sites that would fetch more than the domain could alone, Dan stumbled into a young new industry now known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As search engines like Webcrawler and Lycos were crashing during the dot com bubble of 2001, new startups like Google were rapidly changing the way we search with far better algorithms that produced higher quality results.

Old Search Engine Homepages

These new advanced algorithms used incoming links and content quality to determine the rankings on their organic (unpaid) search result pages (SERPs). This conscious effort to stay on top of search results while search engine algorithms evolved is what we now commonly refer to as “SEO”.

Dan has since sold his domain name portfolio so he could focus on providing the best SEO services possible for his clients. He remains focused on tracking, researching, and testing the evolution of search algorithms to stay ahead of the curve and keep his clients ranking on top positions.

In 2011, Root SEO began expanding to meet the needs of new clients. With rapid growth in Indianapolis, Root SEO is planning a second location for 2012.